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Intro Special

Our introductory Special is the perfect way to start your dance journey. The special is a sample type of program that is designed to introduce the dances of your choosing or,  if uncertain,  we can recommend a variety of popular dances to get you on the road to becoming the dancer you dream of becoming. This special consists of 3-30 minute private lessons and 2 group lessons for only $69. 


Private Lessons

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Private lessons are a one on one (or one on two for couples) relationship between the instructor and the student. Private lessons give you, the student,  the opportunity to develop the areas that you most need in your dancing. Although patterns and choreography are introduced, the focus will be on areas of style, technique and partnership which will make you a sought after dance partner in any social setting. We guarantee you we will take excellent care of you.


Group Lessons

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Group lessons are the perfect setting for learning patterns and trying out new dances, as well as creating friendships with other dancers. You will develop a better understanding of the music and tempo's for each dance as well as applying lead and follow technique with your new dance friends to improve partnership skills. We guarantee you will get great value from the group classes which will add even more value to your private lessons.


Practice Parties

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Parties offer the opportunity to "put it all together", not only will you have the opportunity to meet new friends and practice your leading and following skills, but you will also develop your floor craft which is the ability to navigate on a crowded dance floor. You will combine your patterns together in interesting and exciting combinations.  This will help you to be recognized as one of the best dancers at any social event . We guarantee you will love it! 

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