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Shows & Competitions


Our annual showcase is an experience not to be missed !

Our students and teachers enjoy the opportunity to "showcase" their talents and take their dance skills to a higher level through performance excellence and develop confidence both on and off the dance floor. This event is held at a local hotel ballroom where family and friends have the chance to see a fabulous dance variety show.

In addition to the individual numbers prepared, we have several formation teams that add to the fun, variety, camaraderie and excitement of the event.  

Many of our students tell us that participation in our annual showcase is the highlight of their year.  In addition to all of the other benefits our showcases are also a fundraising event for a local charity. We look forward to your participation in one of these fabulous events!



If you have a competitive streak, there is no shortage of opportunities to put your skills to the test.  Competitive ballroom dance will aid you in developing your dance skills to a very high level.  Many people believe that they have to obtain a certain level of skill to be a competitive dancer but this is not true.  There are competitive divisions for everybody, from the beginner level  through the very highest level of skill. The divisions are also divided by age and gender and students can compete as amateur couple or with your teacher in Pro/Am divisions.  These events are filled with fun, excitement and camaraderie and will accelerate you skills and artistic interpretation as well as helping to develop your personal confidence.  

In addition to all of the skills building, you will also enjoy the fun & support of your fellow dancers.

Hugh Rowe with student Megan Snyder (Long)
Instructors Hugh and Jocelyn Rowe
Jocelyn Rowe with student Garrett
Jocelyn Rowe with student Garrett
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